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DualClean DualClean

Product Details

Product Details
Customer Questions
What is Silk'n DualClean?

Silk'n DualClean is a 2 in 1 small and compact facial cleansing brush. It contains two brush heads: one Regular microfibe brush and one cotton pad holder.

What is the difference between the two brush heads?

The Regular microfibre brush efficiently removes all impurities from the skin by deeply cleansing the pores in the morning. The cotton pad holder, combined with your own cotton pad, removes makeup traces in the evening.

What's the benefit of using a cotton pad?

The great benefit is that you can separate the brush for cleansing the skin in the morning from your cleansing routine in the evening. This way, your Regular brush will not get dirty with makeup traces. Simply throw the dirty pad away when you are finished removing your makeup.

On which areas can it be used?

DualClean can be used on your forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and neck.

How many settings does it have?

DualClean has a rotation function in 2 speed settings: low and high.

Do you have to recharge the device?

No. As opposed to many other facial cleansers, DualClean doesn't need to be recharged. DualClean works on 2 AA batteries. Perfect for both home use and traveling.

Is it suitable for daily use?

Yes, it is perfect for daily use. However, we recommend you not to use it more than twice a day.

Can I buy new brushes?

Yes, refill brushes can be purchased via silkn.eu.

I have sensitive skin. Do you have soft brushes?

Yes, you can buy Soft microfibre refill brushes via silkn.eu or your local store.

Do you also have other refill brushes?

Silk'n also offers a silicone brush with small studs to provide your skin with a relaxing massage.

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