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Refill brushes Sensitive

Refill brushes Sensitive

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Refill brushes Sensitive. Suitable for use with Silk’n SonicClean, SonicCleanPlus and SonicClean Men Only.
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Refill brushes Sensitive


Is your skin sensitive and would you like to cleanse your skin as mildly as possible? Try the refill brushes sensitive. These soft silicone brushes, with their skin-friendly silicone studs, were designed specifically for sensitive skin types. Thanks to your facial cleanser’s vibrating movements your face will be thoroughly cleansed, deep into the pores, to quickly remove all impurities, traces of smog and make-up. The silicone brushes respect the natural epidermal balance and do not irritate the skin. With its compact, round shape you can optimally reach every inch of your face. The result is perfectly clean skin that looks radiant and feels as smooth as silk. No redness or irritated skin!


  • Sensitive silicone brushes
  • Skin-friendly silicone studs
  • Specifically developed for sensitive skin
  • Optimum facial cleansing
  • Removes all impurities and make-up with the greatest ease
  • Effortlessly reaches every inch of your face
  • Suitable for use with Silk’n SonicClean en Silk’n SonicCleanPlus
  • Contents of the package: two sensitive silicone brushes

Compatible with:
Silk'n Silicone Refill Brushes Sensitive  are only suitable for the following Silk’n facial cleansing devices: Silk’n SonicClean and Silk’n SonicCleanPlus. Silk’n recommends never waiting too long to replace your brushes.

Also available:
Silk’n regular microfibre brushes for normal to oily skin and Silk’n soft microfibre brushes for normal to combined skin.



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