If you want to remove unwanted hair from your body or face, you can choose shaving, epilation or waxing. But hair removed that way tends to grow back fairly quickly, and your skin often feels sore and irritated afterwards. Discover an entirely new approach to hair removal: Silk’n Jewel. This hair removal device uses pulsed light to remove unwanted hair – painlessly and with no discomfort. What’s more: the Jewel has a great new feature that significantly reduces the time you have to spend on a hair removal session. This means that it only takes a short while before you can start enjoying silky-smooth skin!

Why Silk'n Jewel?

  • Permanent hair removal with clinically proven and patented HPL™ technology
  • Touch&Glide technology: swifter hair removal thanks to automated light pulses
  • Suited for your entire body and face
  • 100,000 light pulses
  • Choose between 5 power levels
  • Adjustable speed
  • Built-in Skin Colour Sensor
  • May be used after tanning (energy level 1)
  • Treatment area: 3 cm²
  • Free Silk’n App for planning treatments

HPL™ technology:
clinically proven and patented

HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology has been used to remove unwanted hair for years already – all over the world. The technology has been the subject of a number of clinical trials, and leading dermatologists see it as a safe, easy and effective way to remove hair in a typical household setting. The treatment is recommended by physicians, clinically proven and patented and has been approved by the United States’ FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Silk'n Jewel 100.000

Silk'n  Jewel 100,000

New: Touch&Glide technology for swifter hair removal

Silk’n Jewel has an entirely different design to similar HPL hair removal devices on the market today. It only has one button, which you can use to turn the device on or off or to switch to a different power level. This means you no longer have to press a pulse button to release a light flash – which will make your hair removal sessions a lot quicker and easier. Simply put the tip of the device in contact with your skin and the Jewel automatically emits a light pulse. You can choose to focus on a small area by moving the device from one spot to the next. Or you can let the device glide across a larger area, so that you can finish up in a matter of minutes.


100,000 light pulses for treating your body and face

With Silk’n Jewel, you don’t have to worry about extra costs like lamp cartridges. That’s because the Jewel stores no fewer than 100,000 light pulses – which will last you a long time. This means you won’t have to buy replacement cartridges. At the end of the day, the Jewel costs you significantly less than rival products. The device’s 100,000 light pulses are more than enough for giving your entire body and face full treatments.

Five power levels and adjustable speed

Silk’n Jewel has five power settings, the lowest of which is level 1. These power levels are linked to the frequency of the HPL™ flashes. The higher the power level you choose, the more effective the treatment is. When you set the Jewel to level 1, the device emits one light pulse per second – making this the fastest level. Moreover, this is a good level to choose if you were recently out in the sun. When you set the device to level 5, it emits one light pulse every 3.5 seconds. This is the most effective level, and leads to the best results.

Silk'n Model

Skin Colour Sensor to protect your skin

Our skin isn’t the same colour all over: some parts of our body have more natural pigmentation than others, or are darker due to tanning. The Silk’n Jewel has a built-in Skin Colour Sensor that scans your skin. If your skin’s too dark, the device will not emit a light pulse at higher power levels. In that case, you can continue your hair removal session by switching to a lower setting. In addition, the Silk’n Jewel has a safety mechanism that automatically protects your eyes. The device will only emit a light flash if its applicator is in direct contact with your skin, not when it is aimed in the air. Consult the skin colour chart below to see if Jewel is suitable for you. You will also find more information about skin colours in the FAQ section.


Hair and skin colour chart


Silk'n App

Use the free Silk’n App to plan your treatment sessions

You will need to complete a number of treatments for the best results. To make sure you plan your sessions correctly – and don’t forget one – you can easily include them in your personal schedule with the free, user-friendly Silk’n App. The App’s automatic notification function means that you’ll never forget about an upcoming session. On top of that, you can consult the App for any important questions you may have about your Silk’n Jewel. Convenient and multipurpose, in other words!


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