Silk’n MicroPedi Classic is a quick way to get rid of calluses on feet. It easily smooth dry, rough skin with its unique micro-mineral rollers in seconds. The rollers rotate 360 degrees on the axis at a speed of up to 30 times per second and gently remove hardened skin. Much safer than metal scrapers and more effective than a pumice stone!

Why Silk'n MicroPedi Classic?

  • Easily removes calluses
  • Fast, gentle and effective
  • Interchangeable refill rollers
  • Battery operated
  • Includes 2 micro-mineral rollers: magenta roller for coarse skin and the blue for extra coarse skin

What others say about Silk'n MicroPedi Classic

Lilly WilliamsI have the smoothest feet in town and it only takes a minute or two to get rid of the rough, scratchy feet .


Sprite26This little gadget is fantastic. The rotating cylinder quickly and easily files down my rough spots and leaves the area perfectly smooth. It literally takes seconds.


NemznThis thing really works, quickly, and with minimal effort. The bottom of my feet are as soft and even as a newborn baby. took me about 5 minutes total to use on both feet.


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Frequently asked questions

What is Silk’n MicroPedi?

Silk’n MicroPedi is an electric callus remover. It removes calluses and hard skin on feet within seconds. It comes in different versions, e.g. MicroPedi Regular and MicroPedi Instant & Express.

What is the difference between al the available MicroPedi's?

• MicroPedi Classic: comes with 2 Original rollers Fine & Medium, 4 cm. • MicroPedi Lady: comes with 2 Original rollers Fine & Medium, 4 cm. • MicroPedi Sport: comes with 2 Original rollers Medium & Coarse, 4 cm. • MicroPedi Instant&Express: comes with 2 Instant&Express rollers Fine & Medium, 4 cm. Please note, these rollers will not fit on any other MicroPedi device.

How does it work?

Before you start, make sure your feet are clean and dry. After that, simply put a roller in the MicroPedi device, turn it on and bring the device to your feet. Gently move the device over the calloused or thickened skin (moving forwards, backwards and/or sideways) for a few seconds. After you finish the treatment, rinse the skin with water or use a wet towel to remove the dead skin cells.

Why should I use an electrical callus remover?

Because it is much safer than metal scrapers and more effective than a pumice stone. Also, metal scrapers can painfully cut and injuire your skin.

Do you have to recharge the device?

No, MicroPedi works on 2 AA batteries. Ideal to take it with you when you are traveling.