Removes calluses in seconds - For use on wet and dry feet

Pumice stones and metal scrapers in combination with creams, lotions and salves: how laborious! Now they are a thing of the past. If you suffer from calluses, you can now use a single device to get rid of that hard skin. Discover Silk'n MicroPedi Wet & Dry. This electric callus remover uses micro-mineral rollers that effectively file the calluses of your feet. In just a few seconds, the hard, rough skin becomes beautifully soft. Moreover, this innovative device can be used on wet and dry feet so you can use it both while or after showering.

Why Silk'n MicroPedi Wet & Dry ?

  • Electric callus remover for dry and wet feet
  • Showerproof: Suitable for use in the shower
  • Safely, easily and painlessly removes calluses within seconds
  • Immediate result
  • Rubber strips for improved grip
  • Rotates up to 46 times per second
  • Includes two water-resistant micro-mineral rollers: Medium and Coarse
  • New rollers are available separately
  • Battery operated (included)

Remove calluses in seconds flat

Silk'n has come up with a more effective and quicker method for removing calluses; one that makes all other forms of callus removal a thing of the past. Discover how easy it is to use the Silk'n MicroPedi Wet & Dry. This handy electric callus remover contains micro-mineral rollers that rotate up to 46 times per second. Within seconds, the roller painlessly files off all the rough skin, leaving behind soft skin that is wonderfully smooth to the touch.

For dry and wet feet

With its showerproof design, Silk'n MicroPedi Wet & Dry has been specifically developed for use on dry and wet feet. The device contains water-resistant micro-mineral rollers that are different from the other Silk’n rollers, making it possible to use the MicroPedi Wet & Dry while or after showering.

Silk'n MicroPedi Wet & Dry

Silk'n MicroPedi Wet & Dry

Includes two water-resistant micro-mineral rollers

Silk'n MicroPedi Wet & Dry is supplied with two water-resistant micro-mineral rollers as standard: dark grey (medium) and black (coarse). New refill rollers can be purchased separately.

Battery operated

Manually filing your feet with a pumice stone or a foot file takes a lot of time and the results are minimal. A major advantage of Silk'n MicroPedi Wet & Dry is that it is an electrical device, and the micro-mineral rollers of this foot file rotate 360 degrees, up to 46 times per second. The only thing you have to do is move the device over the bottoms of your feet and enjoy your home pedicure. MicroPedi Wet & Dry uses two AA batteries.