Hair removal may be something of a chore, especially if you find shaving, epilating or waxing painful. Silk’n Motion is a new invention that effortlessly and permanently removes unwanted hairs. And, of course, with no pain at all! The pulses of light coming from this device easily remove hairs on the body or the face in no time. The automatic functions make using this device even easier. This helps you get started with removing hair right away, meaning you will soon be able to enjoy your silky-smooth skin. 

Why Silk'n Motion 350,000?

  • Permanent hair removal with HPL™ technology, clinically proven and patented
  • Patented Touch&Glide technology: remove hairs more quickly thanks to automatic light pulse system
  • With three sensors for Skin Colour, Touch, and Movement
  • Safe for all skin colours, including darker tones, and almost all hair colours
  • Auto Energy Adjust System: superior safety for darker skin tones
  • Ergonomically designed handle for an improved grip
  • Suitable for the whole body and the face
  • Provides 350,000 light pulses
  • With 5 energy levels
  • Adjustable speed
  • Can be used after sun exposure (energy level 1)
  • Treatment area: 3 cm²
  • No refill cartridges necessary
  • With Free Silk’n App to schedule treatments

HPL™ technology:
clinically proven and patented

Millions of people across the world are using HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology to remove hair growth. This technology has been tested, which resulted in leading dermatologists deeming the technology as a safe, effortless and effective way of removing hair that can be used in a typical home setting. It is recommended by doctors, is clinically proven and patented, and has been cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States.

Silk'n Motion 350.000

Silk'n Motion 350.000

Remove hairs quickly
thanks to the patented Touch&Glide technology

Removing hairs using a razor, epilator or by waxing can take up a great deal of time, especially when you want to remove hair from multiple areas. This is not a problem you will encounter with Silk’n Motion. Hairs can be removed extremely quickly thanks to the patented Touch&Glide technology. Motion features just one button for switching the device on and off and for switching the energy level. This means you no longer have to press a pulse button in order to emit a light pulse.

Simply position the device on your skin, and Motion will automatically give off a pulse. You can choose to treat smaller areas more slowly by repositioning the device from place to place. Alternatively, you can slide the device over larger areas so you will be finished in no time. However you use it, the Motion ensures that you can always be assured of the ease of Touch&Glide technology and safe use with its 3 sensors for Skin Colour, Touch, and Movement. The device reads your skin tone (Skin Colour Sensor) to determine whether it is suitable for treatment with the energy level selected. Touch your skin with the device (Touch Sensor), flash automatically, and whenever you stop moving the device over your skin, even before completing your hair removal session, the device will cease operation automatically (Movement Sensor).

New: Auto Energy Adjust System for superior safety

With Silk’n Motion, people with a darker skin tone can also use light pulse hair removal. The totally new Auto Energy Adjust System in combination with the smart Skin Colour Sensor ensures that the energy level of the device can be automatically lowered to energy level 2 - a level safe for all skin tones - when the skin tone is too dark for the device. This ensures superior safety as you never have to worry about the energy level for your skin tone being too high. In addition, Silk’n Motion features a safety mechanism to protect your eyes. A light pulse is only emitted, when the device is in contact with your skin and not when the device is up in the air.

Ergonomically designed handle for an improved grip

Silk’n Motion features a compact design. The ergonomically designed handle provides an improved grip. This makes removing hair from your body and face even easier, as you can easily reach everywhere you need to. The treatment area of 3 cm² can effortlessly reach all areas. In addition, Motion does not require charging. You simply insert the cord into the outlet and can begin your hair removal session right away.

Suitable for use after sun exposure

In addition to use with light and dark skin tones, Silk’n Motion can also be used on suntanned skin. However, this is only permitted on the lowest energy level (1). When you’ve just returned from holiday with your newly bronzed skin, you can keep on doing your hair removal sessions without having to stop your treatments. See the skin and hair colour chart on the packaging or on the right to find out whether this device is suitable for you.

Hair and Skin Color Chart - Silk'n Motion 350.000

Silk'n Model

350,000 light pulses for the body and face

With Silk’n Motion, you don’t have to worry about added costs, such as refill cartridges. This device features as many as 350,000 light pulses that stay effective for an extended period of time. This means that refill cartridges are not required, which makes the Motion more cost effective for you compared to other products on the market. The 350,000 light pulses are enough for multiple complete sessions for the whole body and the face.

5 energy levels with adjustable speed

Silk’n Motion features 5 energy levels, with 1 being the lowest. The energy levels are related to the speed. The higher the energy level, the more effective the treatment. One light pulse is emitted per second on energy level 1, making this the fastest level. In addition, you can use this level when you have been in the sun. One light pulse is emitted every 3.5 seconds on energy level 5. This level is the most effective and provides the best results.

Silk'n App

Free Silk’n App to schedule your treatments

A number of treatments are required in order to achieve the best results. To schedule your treatments and not miss a single hair, you can easily plan all treatments into your agenda with the free Silk’n App. By using an automatic notification, you can ensure you will never miss a follow-up treatment. The App also answers any questions you may have regarding your Silk’n Motion device. Convenient and multifunctional!


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