Silk’n Perfect Touch is a beauty tool that painlessly shaves, trims and shapes hairs in sensitive body areas. The small pen-shaped device effortlessly removes even the smallest, lightest hairs with precision. Ideal for shaping eyebrows or removing hairs on the upper lip, bikini line or armpits. Making cuts a thing of the past. With your Perfect Touch, you can create a smooth result in no time!

Why Silk'n Perfect Touch?

  • Shave, trim and shape with precision
  • Suitable for hairs on your face and body
  • Removes even the smallest, lightest hairs from sensitive areas
  • No pain, no razor bumps and no cuts
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Dual-edged precision head of 18mm and 8mm
  • Trimmer comb of 2.5mm and 3.5mm
  • Includes cleaning brush and battery (AAA)

Shave, trim and shape

The possibilities with Silk’n Perfect Touch are endless. The head of this beauty tool is designed to shave with precision; even the smallest and lightest hairs, including downy hairs, can be removed with ease. Ideal for shaping eyebrows, shaving the bikini line, armpits or groin area, or removing hairs on the upper lip. Do you prefer a trim? Simply attach the trimmer comb to the device and cut longer hairs on the eyebrows, for example, to shape them.

Silk'n Perfect Touch

No pain, no razor bumps and no cuts

A pair of tweezers, razor or epilation roller? It may seem convenient, but inflammation, razor bumps and cuts are looming. Silk’n Perfect Touch uses hypoallergenic stainless steel razor blades to shave off hairs to just above the skin. The result is outstanding; hairs are removed with precision without causing irritation. With Perfect Touch, you don’t even have to use shaving cream or gel! In addition, there is no pain whatsoever, meaning that you can enjoy using Perfect Touch time and time again.

Precision head and trimmer comb

The precision head by Silk’n Perfect Touch can be used on both sides and is intended for shaving. The larger 18mm side is useful for shaving larger body parts, while the smaller 8mm side is perfect for shaving the face. The trimmer comb also has two sides, meaning that hairs can be trimmed to 2.5mm and 3.5mm. The device works on a 1 AAA battery. The cleaning brush supplied can be used to clean the razor blades and trimmer comb. The Perfect Touch is shaped like a pen, making it very narrow and compact; fits in any handbag and is ideal for taking with you on your travels!

Silk'n Perfect Touch trimmer