Renew your skin with the magic of Silk’n ReVit! This powerful microdermabrasion system will make your skin radiant and vital in a matter of minutes. It improves the skin’s texture and elasticity, combats age spots and softens fine lines. Discover the wonderful peeling effect on your skin with Silk’n ReVit!

Why Silk'n ReVit?

  • Ultra-powerful diamond peeling microdermabrasion system
  • Improves skin texture and elasticity
  • Blurs age spots, irregularities in the skin and acne scars
  • Softens fine lines
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • For radiant, younger-looking skin

Magical skin treatment

Microdermabrasion is a solution for common irregularities of the skin such as acne, scars, coarse pores, fine lines, un even texture or skin that is in poor condition on account of smoking or overexposure to the sun. The skin generally looks unhealthy and dull and feels loose . Time for magical skin treatment.

Diamond peeling microdermabrasion

Silk’n ReVit is a new and powerful microdermabrasion system that renews your skin. Microdermabrasion has been applied successfully for several years at skin care institutes and, thanks to ReVit, is now available for use at home.

Silk’n Revit has a diamond tip that is 100% Crystal free. Rubbing the tip against the skin, enhanced by vacuum stimulation, scaures off the old, dull topmost layer of skin. This action reveals the underlying, new skin which looks radiant, healthy and revitalized.

Read more about how ReVit works.


Silk’n ReVit treats your skin in a matter of minutes. It removes dead skin cells, drawing them into the device by means of vacuum. The dead skin cells are collected in a replaceable filter. When you change the filter you will see the quantity of dead particles previously attached to your skin. However, it is the mirror that provides the ultimate proof of your treated skin. Balance has been restored, your complexion is more even and your skin is visibly smoother and younger-looking than before!

What others say about Silk'n ReVit

DashI've been using this product twice a week for a few weeks and am seeing improvement in my skin. It is smoother and lighter and has a bit of a glow to it.


Epic Reviews StaffOverall, a solid 4-star product which will clearly gain more positive consumer reviews than negative.


Brand muffinIts so good my friends rushed out to buy thier own. I bought this device and over the last 3 months my skin has never looked better.


Many users recommend Silk'n ReVit to a friend.

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Stroke with the Diamond Tip following arrows 1 and 3.

Follow Arrows 4 and 5. Do not touch your lips with the Diamond Tip.

Stroke downwards between eye and ear ( arrow 6), outwards on temple ( arrow 7), and below eye ( arrow 8). Do not stroke eyelid.

Stroke outwards, and work your way upwards with horizontal strokes (arrows 9 & 10).

Cover entire nose as per arrow 11.

Treat the back of your hands and fingers gently with the Fine tip.


The forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck, hands and the area around the eyes. Silk’n ReVit is suitable for use on all parts of the face. Your Silk’n ReVit comes with three attachments as standard: Precision, Fine and Coarse. Every attachment is specially developed to treat specific parts of the face with the greatest care. Start with the Fine attachment. If your skin requires more intensive peeling you can select the Coarse attachment. The Precision attachment can be used for the small areas around the nose and the corners of your eyes.





You can use Silk’n ReVit in two vacuum settings: Low and High. Select the low setting if you have sensitive skin that is somewhat thin. The high setting is meant as a follow-up to the low setting, or if your skin is somewhat thicker. If you are using ReVit for the first time we recommend starting with the Fine attachment in combination with the Low vacuum setting.


Silk’n ReVit is suitable for use on every skin type. After the treatment we recommend using an SPF 30 sunblock to protect your skin.

Silk'n ReVit before after




Your Silk’n ReVit comes with extra replaceable filters as standard. Insert a filter into the system and start with the Fine attachment if you are using Silk’n ReVit for the first time. Press the On/Off button for the low vacuum setting. Next, select the area you wish to treat.


Ten to fifteen minutes of treatment is required to achieve the best results. You can repeat the treatment every three to four days, depending on your skin’s needs.

Silk'n ReVit


1. Wash your face with soap and water.

2. Remove the Peeling Tip from the FRONT COVER CONE and clean it. Replace the used filter with a new one, and reattach the parts back together.

3. Press the ON Button, and choose a peeling intensity setting – Low (1 additional press of the ON button) or High (2 additional presses of the On button).

4. Hold the Silk’n Revit like a pencil, attach it’s tip to the skin and slowly run it over the treatment area for full coverage, following the suggested stroking diagram below.

5. Treat each treatment area for about 5 minutes.

6. At the end of the treatment session, turn the device off by giving the ON BUTTON one quick press if you are on Full Suction Mode, or two quick presses if you are
treating on Partial Suction Mode.

7. Wash your face with cold water and apply a moisturizer.

8. Treatment can be repeated as often as felt needed depending on skin condition.

Frequently asked questions

What is Silk’n ReVit?

Silk’n ReVit is a diamond peeling microdermabrasion system for home use that has many benefits. It is able to improve skin texture, soften fine lines, remove dead skin cells and blur age spots, irregularities in the skin and acne scars.

How does it work?

Diamond peeling is an advanced form of microdermabrasion. The treatment removes the outer layer of the skin using light abrasion, which promotes the growth of healthy new cells. The vacuum suction of the Silk'n ReVit device also increases blood flow. This makes the skin vital. ReVit has a diamond tip that is 100% crystal-free.

Is it suitable for everyone?

It is suitable for both women and men, for all skin types and all skin colours. This device is not designed for everyone's condition, therefore please read the contraindications in the user manual in its entirety before you start your treatments.

On which areas can it be used?

It can be used on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, around the eyes, around the lips, neck and hands.

Is it safe?

Silk’n ReVit has been tested with the conclusion that it is safe to use in a typical home environment by both men and women. The treatments are effective. Always read the user manual carefully before using ReVit.

Does the treatment hurt?

No. Treatments with Silk'n ReVit do not hurt. You may experience some redness or skin sensitivity after treatment. This is absolutely normal. The feeling will quickly subside.

How should I use Silk’n ReVit?

Place a filter in the device (included). Next, select one of three diamond tip attachment heads (Precision, Fine or Coarse). Turn on the device and chooce between 2 settings: low or high. Start your first treatment on the lowest setting with the Fine tip. Rub the tip against the skin and stroke it in linear motions over your face (view the treatment zones image in the user manual or on the product page of the website). Enhanced by vacuum stimulation, this action scaures off the old, dull topmost layer of skin revealing the underlying, new skin which looks radiant, healthy and revitalized.

How long does a treatment take?

This depends on how many treatment areas you intend to treat. Each treatment area should be treated for about 5 minutes.

How often should I use it?

The best results will come from using it once or twice per week.

When can I expect results?

The initial results can be seen immediately after treatment. The skin feels smoother and look brighter. With time, there should be a notable improvement in age spots, pores size, acne scars and fine lines.

Should I do anything after treatment?

Wash your face with cold water. Then apply moisturizer to soothe the skin. To protect recently treated skin when exposed to sunlight, be sure to thoroughly apply sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.

What is the difference between each diamond tip?

The Fine tip is to start your first treatment with and can be used for each treatment that follows. If your skin requires more intensive peeling you can select the Coarse attachment. The Precision attachment can be used for the small areas around the nose and the corners of your eyes.

What are the replaceable refill filters (black filters) for?

The replaceable filter collects dead skin cells. After treatment you will notice that it will get dirty with dead particles, previously attached to your skin. Never wait too long to replace your filter.

Can I buy new replaceable refill filters (black filters)?

Yes, you can buy new refill filters in our online shop.

At what age can it be used?

People from the age 18 and up can use Silk'n Revit.

Am I allowed to use this device when I am pregnant or nursing?

No, you are not allowed to use this device when your are pregnant or nursing.

How can I clean my device?

You can clean the outer shell with a dry, clean cloth and a specially formulated cleaner for electronic equipment. In order to clean inside the tip, separate it from the device by holding the grip and carefully detaching it from the device. The tip can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap, using a soft brush. Dry thoroughly. Never immerse the device or any of its parts (except for the tips) in water!