Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and environmental pollution all have a harmful impact on our skin, causing it to become grey, dull and dehydrated. Stress also makes muscles tense, resulting in a drawn facial expression, with accompanying lines and wrinkles. Silk’n SkinVivid has been specially designed to give the face a hot and cold massage, which relaxes, detoxes and rejuvenates the skin and makes it smoother. This revitalises the skin and even helps reduce puffiness under the eyes. It also helps makeup go on more smoothly, because it shrinks the pores. The skin becomes more radiant and looks very much healthier. Give your skin an amazing transformation!

Why Silk'n SkinVivid?

  • Facial massage device with hot and cold massage therapy
  • For use in normal setting or with sonic vibrations
  • Ergonomic massage head, which effortlessly follows every curve on the face
  • Improves blood circulation and revitalises the skin
  • Relieves puffy eyes and evens out the skin tone
  • Makes lines and wrinkles less visible
  • Relaxes the facial muscles
  • Improves absorption of skin care products
  • Shrinks pores and makes the skin smoother for better makeup application
  • Has a smart timer, automatic switch-off after 2.5 minutes
  • Rechargeable with included USB adapter and cable
  • With handy storage pouch and cleaning cloth

An amazing massage for your face

In Japan they love it, because it keeps the skin young and healthy. In fact, there the facial massage is an important part of the beauty routine, which even includes special manual massage techniques. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to Asia to bring your skin back in balance. Through hot and cold massage therapy with sonic vibrations, Silk’n SkinVivid gives a better massage than just using your hands alone. The facial muscles relax, the blood circulation improves, cell renewal is stimulated and the skin seems to uncrease, as it were, making lines and wrinkles less visible. After each session with SkinVivid, your skin becomes more glowing and radiant!

Silk'n SkinVivid functions hot

Hot massage therapy

Silk’n SkinVivid can be used in a hot setting. The ergonomic massage head soon becomes pleasantly warm and reaches a temperature of 42°C. By using the device to massage your skin, your skin relaxes. Tension is released, waste substances are drained away and the blood circulation improves. The skin receives an energy boost, making it more even in colour. The heat also considerably improves the absorption of skin care products like creams. This means that the active nutrients from your skin products can work even harder for you. Do you want to do more for your skin? SkinVivid can also be used on a hot setting in combination with sonic vibrations. This means that the device gives off heat whilst making a vibrating motion. The sonic vibrations enhance the effect of the heat on the skin. 

Cold massage therapy

In older skin, the muscle tissue has become slacker. Lines and wrinkle appear, making the face look older. A facial massage can help delay the ageing process, because it helps strengthen the muscles and promotes cell renewal. The cold setting of Silk’n SkinVivid with a temperature of 6°C was specially developed to rejuvenate slack skin and make it more even. This setting is not only aimed at blurring lines and wrinkles, but also at reducing puffiness under the eyes. Large pores are also reduced, making the skin seem smoother and ensuring that makeup goes on better. The cold setting also provides welcome relief for headaches and tense muscles. This setting can also be used in combination with sonic vibrations. These vibrations enhance the effect of the cold on the skin.

Silk'n SkinVivid functions cold

How do you use SkinVivid?

Silk’n SkinVivid is suitable for any skin type, whether it is dry, oily or sensitive. For example, you can use the hot setting in the morning after cleansing your face. The automatic timer ensures that it never takes too long, because the device switches off automatically after 2.5 minutes. You can then apply the rest of your skin care products. Once these have been absorbed into the skin, you use the cold setting which is ideal for reducing puffiness under the eyes and creating a smooth base for your makeup.               

Or enjoy a complete beauty ritual in the evening after a hard day’s work. After cleansing your face, first use the hot setting to open the pores. Then apply an eye gel, hydrating mask or cream. Once your skin care products have been absorbed into the skin, use the cold setting to close the pores and give your skin a more youthful appearance. However you use SkinVivid, you are always ensured of an effective facial massage that will make your skin radiant!