Silk’n SonicCleanPlus is a real miracle worker. It eliminates all skin impurities by providing a facial deep-cleansing. Rinses away the stress, makeup build-up and air pollution of the day and leaves your skin revitalized. The rotating brushes maintain your skin’s natural moisture levels and leaves it feel beautifully soft, healthy, supple and comfortable. You may even use it under the shower, because it’s waterproof. Expect a balanced complexion that’s expertly refined and purified. And all that in just 60 seconds! With its 2 settings it has a high versatility - this allows you to clean your skin at your desired setting as well as massage your skin to improve blood circulation.

Why Silk'n SonicCleanPlus?

  • 2 function modes: vibrating and pulsating (low and high) both with 2 speed settings (deep-cleansing and gentle)
  • Waterproof and cordless, suitable for under the shower
  • 60 second auto shut-off timer
  • Removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing
  • Possibility to purchase refill brushes
  • 2 interchangeable refill brushes (Regular)
  • Massages your skin

What others say about Silk'n SonicCleanPlus

Lynne HershI have been using a sonic brush for a couple of years and I love the device.


CathyI used it all over my face and neck and when I got out of the shower my skin was positively glowing. I am just so impressed with how wonderful my skin looks after using this product!


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Frequently asked questions

What is Silk’n SonicClean Plus?

Silk’n SonicClean Plus is an electrical facial cleansing brush to delicately clean the skin.  It removes impurities and makeup traces effortlessly. It comes with 2 Regular microfibre brushes.

Why should I prefer an electrical face brush?

When you cleanse your skin and remove makeup with your hands, your skin is not cleansed optimally. Traces of makeup are still left behind in the skin pores. SonicClean Plus is different. It removes 6x more makeup than with hands alone and provides you a deep-cleansing treatment.

On which areas can it be used?

SonicClean Plus can be used on your forehead, chin, cheeks, nose and neck.

How many settings does it have?

The device has two functions: vibrating and pulsating. Both functions have 2 speed settings: low and high.

What is the difference between Silk'n SonicClean Plus and Silk'n SonicClean?

SonicCleanPlus offers 2 functions: vibrating and pulsating. Both functions have 2 speed settings: low and high. SonicClean had one function, vibrating, in two speed settings.

How many times can I use SonicClean Plus on one full charge?

This device can be used up to 120 times on one single charge. A great benefit compared to other brands in the market.

How do I use it?

Splash your face with lukewarm water and make the brush of your device wet. Apply a drop of face cleansing lotion onto the brush head; you may use any face cleansing lotion you like. Choose the desired setting and move the device slowly over the different facial areas in an upward, circular motion. Cleanse every area (forehead, nose, chin, left cheek, right cheek, neck) no more than 10 seconds.

How long does one cleansing treatment take?

One cleansing treatment will take no more than 1 minute. SonicClean Plus also has an auto shut-off timer which allows the device to shut off automatically after one minute, indicating the end of your cleansing treatment. This allows you not to exceed the maximum treatment time and prevents you from irritated skin.

Does it work on batteries?

No, SonicClean Plus does not work on batteries. It comes with an adaptor and a charging cradle. Simply place the device in the cradle and connect the cradle to the adapter. SonicClean Plus will have to charge for a few hours. On a full charge SonicClean Plus can be used up to 120 times.

It is suitable for daily use?

Yes, it is perfect for daily use. However, we recommend you not to use it more than twice a day.

Do you also have other brushes?

Silk'n also offers a silicone brush with small studs to provide your skin an invigorating massage.