For exceptionally cleaner and whiter teeth, use Silk'n SonicSmile. This innovative sonic toothbrush brushes your teeth much better than an ordinary manual toothbrush and is more effective than most other electric brushes on the market. SonicSmile’s smart features promote dental health and hygiene. It effectively removes plaque, makes gums healthier and teeth visibly whiter. Now you can experience the ultimate oral hygiene using the latest advanced technology! about Silk’n SonicSmile:

Silk'n SonicSmile reviewSilk’n SonicSmile is definitely comparable with the Philips Sonicare. The equipment is similar, the cleaning performance is just as convincing. With the battery and the price, the Silk'n toothbrush is a step ahead:

  • The Silk’n SonicSmile needs 10 hours less charging than the Philips Sonicare
  • Both brush heads are of an equal high quality. However, the refill brush heads of the Silk’n SonicSmile more affordable.  

According to us, the Silk’n SonicSmile is one of the best electric toothbrushes available on the market. It can definitely compete against other brands!

Why Silk'n SonicSmile?

  • Sonic toothbrush for cleaner, whiter teeth
  • Quick results when used for at least 4 minutes a day
  • 31,000 vibrating brush strokes per minute
  • 5 settings: White, Clean, Polish, Massage and Study
  • Smart interval timer
  • Can be used for up to three weeks on a single charge
  • Waterproof (IPX7): suitable for use in the shower and bath
  • Charging indicator
  • Includes induction charger with USB plug. ATTENTION: charging only via USB. The packaging contains no mains plug. You can use your own plug; for example the plug of your smartphone
  • Includes two fading brush heads. New brushes are reasonably priced!
  • Download the User Manual and the Warranty Card

Manual brushing

Most people are used to brushing their teeth with a regular manual toothbrush. But did you know that many of us find it difficult to keep brushing for 2 minutes, even though it is advised by dentists all over the world? Many people also brush too hard, which can damage the gums. In addition, a manual toothbrush can only make a few hundred movements per minute; well below the number of movements achieved by electric brushes. Many dentists recommend switching to electric brushing, simply because it offers more advantages. Sonic toothbrushes are based on the design of a manual toothbrush brush head. The sonic toothbrush has the familiar shape and brushing experience of a manual toothbrush, so why not let SonicSmile become your trusted everyday sidekick!

Electric brushing is more effective

Silk'n SonicSmile ensures excellent oral health and is more effective than manual brushing because it optimally cleans between teeth and along the gumline. The sonic toothbrush therefore leaves you with healthier gums and cleaner, whiter teeth. Tests have shown that this is the case when you use the SonicSmile for at least 4 minutes a day; 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening. SonicSmile produces 31,000 vibrating brush strokes per minute and thus removes significantly more plaque than a manual toothbrush, resulting in less tartar build-up. Your teeth will already feel noticeably cleaner after the first usage, and the bright white smile you see in the mirror will prove that you don’t need to undergo expensive treatments in a clinic.

Silk'n SonicSmile

5 settings to choose from

Silk'n SonicSmile has five different settings. White is for whiter teeth and reduces staining. Clean is the ultimate setting for removing plaque and is particularly suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. Polish is for polishing your teeth. Massage gives your gums a gentle massage and improves the health of your gums. And finally, you can use the Study setting to get used to electric brushing - the toothbrush vibrations will gradually increase from weak to strong over the first 12 times that you use it. Whichever setting you choose, SonicSmile always promises perfect dental cleaning.

Smart interval timer

To achieve the best cleaning experience, Silk'n SonicSmile has a smart interval timer. After every 30 seconds, the brush automatically indicates that you can switch to the next quadrant of your mouth. This function helps you clean the next section as thoroughly as the previous one and for the same amount of time. After 2 minutes, the brushing time recommended by dentists, SonicSmile stops automatically so you know you’re done.

Up to three weeks of use on a single charge

Most electric toothbrushes don’t last very long on a single charge, meaning that you constantly have to keep recharging them. Silk'n SonicSmile lasts for up to 3 weeks on a single charge when used twice a day for 2 minutes at a time. This makes the brush more enjoyable and more sustainable to use, and much handier to take with you on trips.


Most electric toothbrushes are not suitable for use in the shower or bath. Here too, Silk’n SonicSmile stands out from the rest. This brush has been produced according to the IPX7 standard and is therefore completely waterproof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about using it in the shower or bath. This way, you finish your daily cleansing routine even faster.

Charging indicator and inductive charging station

Silk'n SonicSmile also has a charging indicator, so you never have to worry that your toothbrush runs out of charge. When it's time to charge your brush, the indicator flashes to let you know. You can then easily charge your SonicSmile using the induction charger (included with delivery) connected to your own USB adapter. ATTENTION: charging only via USB. The packaging contains no mains plug. You can use your own plug; for example the plug of your smartphone. 

Economical brush heads

SonicSmile uses fading brush heads so you know when it's time to replace them. Have you noticed that the brush heads you find in shops are not exactly cheap? Many brands that sell electric toothbrushes tend to sell the device at a low price, but deliberately set a high price for the brush heads. We don’t agree with this practice, because we believe that optimal dental cleaning should be accessible for everyone. Unlike many other brands on the market, the Silk'n SonicSmile brush heads are very reasonably priced, so you’ll never spend too much money on these attachments. The price will surprise you!

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